Quartet for Five

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Still Life with Perpetual Motion

Choreography: Lise Brody & Whitney Hoke
Music; Peter Schickele
Dancer: Whitney Hoke
Videotaped & edited by Whit Wales

Quartet for Ann, Adrienne, Eleanor and Katrina

Choreography by Lise Brody & dancers
Music by Peter Schickele
Dancers in video: Ann Brown Allen, Eleanor Duckworth, Adrienne Perfetuo, Katrina Sukola
Videotaped & edited by Whit Wales

Quartet For Five

RTCM spent a year or two (or was it three?) living inside the gorgeous, cinematic, highly structured chaos of Peter Schickele's Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano. It began as a stand-alone exploration of Movement IV ("Quartet for Ann, Adrienne, Eleanor and Katrina"), then we found out we weren't done. The next thing we knew, the relentless 2nd Movement had become virtuosic solo for Whitney Hoke ("Still Life with Perpetual Motion"), the contemplative Movement I, together with images from Medieval illuminated prayer books, had inspired a quintet ("Pilgrimage"), and Movement III's heartbreaking simplicity underlay a study in intimacy between Whitney and Ann Brown Allen ("Two").