Dances About Witches
Partially inspired by George W. Bush's statement that "the short-term objective of this country is to find an enemy and bring them to justice before they strike us," the piece explores demonization through… demonology.
DAW incorporates excerpts from The Malleus Maleficarum, a treatise on witchcraft written by monks of the Inquisition; fragments of Shakespeare; original text and movement; music by Beethoven, Radio Tarifa and Mickey Hart; and a live appearance by the fearsome witch Sycorax herself.
No School Excels East Stroudsburg
Choreography by Lise Brody and the company
Video and Slides by Ju-Pong Lin
Original Music by Otto MullerVideo and Slides by Ju-Pong Lin
Original Music by Otto Muller

RTCM spent a year or two (or was it three?) living inside the gorgeous, cinematic, highly structured chaos of Peter Schickele's Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano. It began as a stand-alone exploration of Movement IV ("Quartet for Ann, Adrienne, Eleanor and Katrina"), then we found out we weren't done. More..

the language of dance

The Language of Dance is a multi-media lecture-demonstration featuring Runaway Rainbow (choreography by Lise Brody & dancers, music by Peter Schickele), performed and fully explicated by members of Round the Corner Movers. More..